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Upcoming: POC Online Accessories Store

(This is a special feature I dedicate to my dear sis, who celebrated her birthday yesterday!)

My older sister is really good at customizing accessories made with semiprecious stones. She’s been doing it for more than five years now as a sideline. She began creating simple designs then shifted to more colorful, exquisite forms. From bracelets to necklaces to earrings to souvenirs to handmade crafts- she’s got the talent for it.

The materials she use are mainly semiprecious stones like tiger’s eye, cat’s eye, clear quartz, lapis lazuli, jasper, etc. She also uses genuine swarovzki crystals for the more formal accessories.

The prices are very much competitive to those accessories sold at the malls and boutiques. Here are some of the samples sis created:

Bracelets/Bracelets with earrings:

pink octagonal swarovski bracelet and earrings 2 pink octagonal swarovski bracelet rainbow diamond-cut swarovski bracelet rainbow daimond-cut swarovski bracelet multicolored cubecut swarovski bracelet with silver chain orange and green twistcut swarovski bracelet with gold bars freshwater pearl bracelet and earrings smokey topaz beads with swarovski crystals bracelet

A little bit of history: In ancient times, these stones were used for medical and psychic purposes other than just jewelry or accessories. For example, amethyst was used to enhance intuition and wisdom, amber was used to cure arthritis and rheumatism, clear quartz crystals was for enhancing intellect and fighting stress (wow, that’s for me!), and ruby was used to emphasize beauty and aura of the wearer.

I apologize for not being able to upload more of the pictures, but i’ll do try that when I find the time.  I’ll keep you posted on what’s cooking in the upcoming POC online store!  Thanks!


Movie Concept: Batman vs. Superman (or is it the other way around?)

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OK, first I want to inform you guys that I’m trying my best not to swoon while I’m writing this post. *sigh*

One day I was surfing in the net and I came across these fanarts:

Superman Batman movie

Ahh…evil, evil minds…

Now, why did I say this is evil? Well, simply because it makes people like me anticipate something that is hardly ever coming out. This type of movie- a Batman-Superman movie- is very promising yet extremely difficult to realize. Why? Because it’s a Batman VERSUS Superman movie, those are two big, BIG superheroes who are not only combined in a single film, but will actually FIGHT in the film. And usually, when madman producers think of stuff like this, it ends in a disaster. Why? because it usually fails the expectations of the fans and the general public.
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Sounds Like…

Here’s the video “The Greatest View” from Silverchair off their album “Diorama” (2002).

Try to guess what Pinoy song it sounds like…

“I’m watching you watch over me, and I got the greatest view from here…”

I must say Daniel Johns looks simply gorgeous is this video despite the I-wanna-look-like-Kurt hairdo.



What kind of a blogger are you?

You Are a Snarky Blogger!

You’ve got a razor sharp wit that bloggers are secretly scared of.
And that’s why they read your posts as often as they can!


Movie Feature: The Forbidden Kingdom

Forbidden Kingdom Movie

“A once-in-a-lifetime tag team” as they all put it. The legendary actor and my all-time-fave Chinese guy Jackie Chan joined forces with “the one” Jet Li, this movie promises great moves as well as great beer, I mean, great entertainment. 😀

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