The Scariest Joker Ever!

This is probably one of the best fanfilms i’ve ever seen! I’m pretty sure those hardcore Batman fans will find the characters in this film more true to the comicbook characters than those who portrayed them in Hollywood. I especially liked the way they dressed up Joker here…so insanely sinister and creepy, I almost had goosebumps.

Although I must admit it was a little bit corny – I don’t like the idea of Batman battling against Predator and Alien. I know it was also in the comicbooks but I believe it’s a little bit unfair!

But I really love the Joker part…

Batman: Dead End fanfilm

I read a very good article about Batman movies mentioning this fanfilm, in which the author thought this to be a very good adaptation of the comicbook Batman and Joker:

“Whatever people may think of it, personally I think that the fan-made (although they had pro-quality resources at their disposal) short movie ‘Batman: Dead End’ is by far the closest adaptation of the Batman (and Joker) in the comics. Batman was a human, not a tank in a body-armor. Batman could really fight hand-to-hand, he could really move, he could get wounded. The movie also somehow succeeds in capturing the anger and resentment which Batman feels. Also Joker was portrayed in this movie better than in any other movie so far. While some improvements might still be possible, it was nevertheless by far the closest to the Joker in the comics.”

You can download high-resolution copies here for free! If you liked the film then I suggest you watch the making of it, too, also available for download on that site.

I believe the late Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight is really exceptional, however not really adhering to the qualities and description of the “comicbook Joker”. But Hollywood’s own Batman and Joker identities are probably the most successful “far from the comicbook” characters there will ever be.


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