Post-Halloween Feature: Meet The Ghost Hunters!

The ONLY reality TV show that i LOVE! I’ve been a fan since I first watched these guys on cable TV years ago.

ghost_hunters-showGhost Hunters is a team of paranormal investigators whose objective is to help people suffering from paranormal situations i.e. “ghost hauntings”. They use advanced and specialized tools and gadgets to detect paranormal activities within a place, like EMF detector, digital recorders, night shot and infra red cameras, and thermal cameras. One of their aims is to find possible logical explanations behind these “hauntings,” which they call “debunking.”

What I love about them is their approach, which is very objective and scientific. They rarely use mediums in their investigations, which makes them more believable. I like the characters of the TAPS members (TAPS stands for The Atlantic Paranormal Society), specially Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, who are the lead investigators of Ghost Hunters show and founders of TAPS. Beside them are the lovable crew of GH: Donna La Croix, the case manager; Steve Gonsalves, the tech manager; Brian Harnois, former tech manager and investigator (who now left the show for some quality time with his family); Andy Andrews, the investigator with one of the best debunking skills; Dustin Pari, the investigator who’s really hard to scare; and Dave Tango, the more gullible investigator yet simply adorable. TAPS has also other members appearing in GH, you can check them out in their official site.


from L - R: Brian, Grant, Dustin, Jason, Tango

GH also has an extended family, the Ghost Hunters International. And as the name implies, they set out to investigate the most haunted locations in Europe (for now), using of course, the TAPS protocol. This team is led by Robb Demarest, a very able lead investigator, and with him are new members like Barry Fitzgerald, and other familiar team members from GH: Donna, Andy, Shannon, and Brian.


from L-R: Robb, Shannon, Barry, Andy, Donna, Brian

Although people might think this show is very serious, on the contrary there are a lot of laughable stuff happening every investigation. Jay and Grant sometimes play pranks on their investigators, Steve gets all too jumpy at the sight of spiders and things that crawl, and Brian and Tango run around in the dark due to shadowy figures. It’s silly, but it’s real, and that probably made the show a little more lighthearted and human.

The reality part of this show is when team members get a little too pissed at the other team members, heck they’re people, too. But through their differences, they work something out, and things usually end up just fine.

Check out Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International at SciFi channel!

Ghost Hunters Update:

I’ve grabbed a widget from the GH SciFi page and attached it here so you guys can view the latest happenings and behind-the-scenes footages from the TAPS members. I also created a page on this blog for this widget. Check it out!

[clearspring_widget title=”Ghost Hunters Video” wid=”47d1c3e28a0abbbf” pid=”490e989343e5a3d1″ width=”290″ height=”410″ domain=”wgtclsp.scifi.com”]


2 Responses to “Post-Halloween Feature: Meet The Ghost Hunters!”

  1. November 4, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    thanks to Barry, Jason, Steve, Brian, and Andy for adding me up in their MySpaces!

  2. 2 carolyn Inmon
    August 26, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    What happened to Donna And Brian…On internation…now where is Dustin…Seems like Barry is taking over. Guess what that is when I stop watching. Now he has his buddy on there. Showing is getting worse it week.

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