Countdown to LOST!

The long wait is finally *almost* over! Previously set to be aired from February to May 2009 with sixteen episodes, thanks to last year’s writers strike, our favorite primetime TV series will start its fifth season today, and will have seventeen episodes all in all.

I admit I’ve waited an eternity for this. Hopefully in this season, questions which had been raised since season one would finally be answered. Questions like:

richardalpertWhy does Richard Alpert never grow old?

Why do pregnant women die on the island?

Is Locke right when he told Jack it’s their destiny to go to the island?

Who faked the finding of Oceanic 815 at the bottom of the ocean?

Was Charlotte really born on the island?

Where did the island go?

What did the fortuneteller mean when he told Claire that no one else should raise Aaron (her son) but herself?lockecoffin

What does Jacob need help for? (remember Locke heard him say “help me.”)

Who killed Jeremy Bentham?

Will Kate find Sawyer’s daughter?

Why can’t Ben go back to the island?

ben-in-tunisa-2Is Charles Widmore the founder of the Dharma Initiative?

Why did Jack say they have to go back?

What is Sun planning that involve Charles?

What will happen to Kate and Jack’s relationship?

Is Jin really dead?

…and the list goes on!

But here’s the ultimate question: what the heck is that smoke monster?!


I bet this is going to be a very exciting season and I hope I won’t miss any of the episodes.

Cheers, everyone, and I greet LOST a warm welcome back to the TV screen!



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