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WTF?! Smart charged me one peso for each Facebook SMS notification I received!

I’ve been an avid supporter and subscriber of Smart Communications, Inc. I own a postpaid plan since 2007, and I’m currently subscribed to their Plan 999 Smart Bro internet for almost three years now. I also own a Smart Plug-it portable internet (I’m using it right now).

I find their service satisfactory, with a relatively fast customer service and affordable plans.

Things were going quite well until I made a terrible mistake: I subscribed to Facebook SMS notifications using my Smart Gold postpaid number early January this year. Continue reading ‘WTF?! Smart charged me one peso for each Facebook SMS notification I received!’


Tekken Movie 2010: First Official Movie Poster!

Finally! The first ever official Tekken Movie poster is out!

Tekken Movie Poster

(Honestly, I thought it was Romnick Sarmienta, lol..)

I feel exhilarated when I read this recent update from

Tekken is due to be released on March 6 2010 in Japan, is set for a straight-to-DVD/Blu-ray release on April 5 in the UK.

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Eraserheads: The Final Set

I was there to be part of this historic event!


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Tekken Movie (2009): The Cast and Characters

Let’s take a quick and interesting look at the awesome cast of the upcoming Tekken: Live Action Movie:

jinJon Foo as Jin Kazama

Who’s this guy? Frankly, I’ve never heard of him until I checked the casting call of Tekken. He’s been in a couple of martial arts movies as a stunt actor including Batman Begins (one of the shadow warriors). Congratulations to this guy for getting a break! If you ask me, I think he’s a bit too young to play the Jin Kazama character. Hmm, we’ll see when this movie comes out *fingers crossed*. Continue reading ‘Tekken Movie (2009): The Cast and Characters’


Countdown to LOST!

The long wait is finally *almost* over! Previously set to be aired from February to May 2009 with sixteen episodes, thanks to last year’s writers strike, our favorite primetime TV series will start its fifth season today, and will have seventeen episodes all in all.

I admit I’ve waited an eternity for this. Hopefully in this season, questions which had been raised since season one would finally be answered. Questions like:

richardalpertWhy does Richard Alpert never grow old?

Why do pregnant women die on the island?

Is Locke right when he told Jack it’s their destiny to go to the island?

Who faked the finding of Oceanic 815 at the bottom of the ocean?

Was Charlotte really born on the island?

Where did the island go?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

A lot of American and Filipino-American families celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday. One of these families is Christine‘s family, a typical Fil-Am living in the US but still has that Filipino touch, undoubtedly! Watch this video about how she portrays her family on this very festive season.

Watch more of Christine’s funny videos on YouTube, or visit her site at!


The IT Crowd: Back For Season 3!

The IT CrowdOur favorite geeks are back to tickle our funny bones once again! Jen, Moss, and Roy will be seen on TV once more as the IT team we’ve always loved – the IT crowd, now on its third season.

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