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WTF?! Smart charged me one peso for each Facebook SMS notification I received!

I’ve been an avid supporter and subscriber of Smart Communications, Inc. I own a postpaid plan since 2007, and I’m currently subscribed to their Plan 999 Smart Bro internet for almost three years now. I also own a Smart Plug-it portable internet (I’m using it right now).

I find their service satisfactory, with a relatively fast customer service and affordable plans.

Things were going quite well until I made a terrible mistake: I subscribed to Facebook SMS notifications using my Smart Gold postpaid number early January this year. Continue reading ‘WTF?! Smart charged me one peso for each Facebook SMS notification I received!’


boom de ah dah, boom de ah dah,…

One of Discovey Channel’s latest commercials showcasing their shows, featuring my own favorites like When We Left Earth, Mythbusters, Storm Chasers, Planet Xtreme, Man vs. Wild, Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, Futureweapons, and a lot more!

I believe, though, that the Mythbusters should’ve had a BETTER part in this commercial! (hi to Adam and Jamie! Love you guys!)


Connections: Fate Or Coincidence?

I’m not really a hardcore Lostie (n. fan of the TV series “Lost), but I admit I watched all the episodes of the show, from season one to four, as well as some bloopers, deleted scenes, podcasts, and fan trailers. And there are only a few Losties here in my side of the world, because most people say the story’s plot is too complex or complicated, that they often get “lost” in the story. I for one am glad I DID watch the show because of the valuable lessons it gave, as well as the action, the drama, the comedy,..and most of all, the mystery.

But the greatest mystery in the story of Lost is the main reason or cause why everything that happened, happened. Somebody once told me that people meet for a reason, and that reason is sometimes a mystery that can only be solved in death (whoah). There’s no such thing as coincidence, because I only believe in divine intervention and predestination. At least for us humans, every event has a purpose.
Continue reading ‘Connections: Fate Or Coincidence?’


Funny Transformers Cosplay!

Such great ingenuity! I was laughing and awed at the same time. 🙂

My favorite cosplayer was the one who did Optimus Prime. You’ll see why…mahusay talaga!

Watch them “live” on stage in this interesting post.

Do you think it’s really possible, this Transformers idea? Watch this next video… Continue reading ‘Funny Transformers Cosplay!’


Slogan Generator

Here’s a really funny online stuff! I got this from a friend. It really sent me rolling on the floor laughing.

Live in Your Stupidity, Play in Ours.

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You can find the slogan generator here.



Thank God it’s Friday!! 😀



The only Michelle Branch song I ever liked…and still like, specially now.

“If I just breathe and let it fill the space between, I’ll know everything is alright…”