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Mega-camera phones: Eight is great!

Presenting the new batch of camera phones out to hit the market worldwide! With an awesome 8-megapixel built-in cameras, these phones are said to render most of the digital cams obsolete. And these cameras aren’t just for picture-taking; they’re also bundled with special functions such as face detection and panoramic shooting, as well as on-board editing and direct-to-blog sending.

Let’s take a look at these cool new gadget phones produced by the leading manufacturers:

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Live Together, Die Alone: A Personal Review On the TV Series “Lost”

[This is a tribute to the creators and characters of the TV series LOST, who will be concluding their fourth season by the end of this month.  Kudos to you, guys!  I love your show!]

After watching each episode of all four seasons, LOST has become my most favorite TV series of all time.

Lost Title


What is LOST?

LOST is an American serial drama television series that follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island, after a commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, United States crashes somewhere in the South Pacific [].  The series began development in January 2004, and is filmed mostly in Hawaii.

LOST: The Storyline

Lost Season 2

Main Characters

Season 1: The first season mainly revolves on how the strangers of Oceanic Flight 815 struggled against nature and against themselves in order to survive.  After crashing in an unknown island with nothing but burning wreckage, all the 48 survivors will need each other in order to carry on, whether they like it or not.  But after a few days of fighting the climate and fighting each other’s differences, they started to realize that the island wasn’t as peaceful as it seemed to be, and that the real fight is yet to begin.  Polar bears, smoke monsters, and hostile “natives” (whom they eventually called “the others”) broke their silence and their peace of mind so to speak, and soon they knew this was not just a fight they can take by themselves.  If they don’t learn how to live and fight together, they’re gonna die alone.

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