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Countdown to LOST!

The long wait is finally *almost* over! Previously set to be aired from February to May 2009 with sixteen episodes, thanks to last year’s writers strike, our favorite primetime TV series will start its fifth season today, and will have seventeen episodes all in all.

I admit I’ve waited an eternity for this. Hopefully in this season, questions which had been raised since season one would finally be answered. Questions like:

richardalpertWhy does Richard Alpert never grow old?

Why do pregnant women die on the island?

Is Locke right when he told Jack it’s their destiny to go to the island?

Who faked the finding of Oceanic 815 at the bottom of the ocean?

Was Charlotte really born on the island?

Where did the island go?

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The IT Crowd: Back For Season 3!

The IT CrowdOur favorite geeks are back to tickle our funny bones once again! Jen, Moss, and Roy will be seen on TV once more as the IT team we’ve always loved – the IT crowd, now on its third season.

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Post-Halloween Feature: Meet The Ghost Hunters!

The ONLY reality TV show that i LOVE! I’ve been a fan since I first watched these guys on cable TV years ago.

ghost_hunters-showGhost Hunters is a team of paranormal investigators whose objective is to help people suffering from paranormal situations i.e. “ghost hauntings”. They use advanced and specialized tools and gadgets to detect paranormal activities within a place, like EMF detector, digital recorders, night shot and infra red cameras, and thermal cameras. One of their aims is to find possible logical explanations behind these “hauntings,” which they call “debunking.”

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boom de ah dah, boom de ah dah,…

One of Discovey Channel’s latest commercials showcasing their shows, featuring my own favorites like When We Left Earth, Mythbusters, Storm Chasers, Planet Xtreme, Man vs. Wild, Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, Futureweapons, and a lot more!

I believe, though, that the Mythbusters should’ve had a BETTER part in this commercial! (hi to Adam and Jamie! Love you guys!)