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Mac vs. PC

Here’s a funny video about the longest running competition in silicon valley: Mac vs. PC!

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Microwave vs. Cellphone

This is freakin’ awesome…


Post-Halloween Feature: Meet The Ghost Hunters!

The ONLY reality TV show that i LOVE! I’ve been a fan since I first watched these guys on cable TV years ago.

ghost_hunters-showGhost Hunters is a team of paranormal investigators whose objective is to help people suffering from paranormal situations i.e. “ghost hauntings”. They use advanced and specialized tools and gadgets to detect paranormal activities within a place, like EMF detector, digital recorders, night shot and infra red cameras, and thermal cameras. One of their aims is to find possible logical explanations behind these “hauntings,” which they call “debunking.”

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Megamovies: New And Upcoming Blockbusters to Watch Out For!

Last week, I bought a copy of Wizard in a booksale (for Php130, a bit expensive for an old ish). The mag cover caught my attention, being a superhero movie fan and everything. But I wasn’t disappointed with the contents, since it featured my recent fave superhero movies like TDK, Iron Man, and Wanted. And much more, actually!

With the success of previous superhero movies and comicbook/cartoon series, Hollywood has prepared a long line of up-and-coming movies that will surely leave you wanting and waiting and eagerly anticipating till they come to the big screen.

Here are some of the most anticipated megamovies out to hit the theaters and cinemas soon:

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Mega-camera phones: Eight is great!

Presenting the new batch of camera phones out to hit the market worldwide! With an awesome 8-megapixel built-in cameras, these phones are said to render most of the digital cams obsolete. And these cameras aren’t just for picture-taking; they’re also bundled with special functions such as face detection and panoramic shooting, as well as on-board editing and direct-to-blog sending.

Let’s take a look at these cool new gadget phones produced by the leading manufacturers:

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The Scariest Joker Ever!

This is probably one of the best fanfilms i’ve ever seen! I’m pretty sure those hardcore Batman fans will find the characters in this film more true to the comicbook characters than those who portrayed them in Hollywood. I especially liked the way they dressed up Joker here…so insanely sinister and creepy, I almost had goosebumps.

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Transformers: How’d They Do That?!

Paramount Pictures recently released two behind-the-scenes clips for the upcoming Transformers movie. Mostly about special effects…I’m confused though, because I think Clip 1 is from the first movie. But clip 2 is indeed from day one shoot of the 2nd movie.  However, it’s still enjoyable to watch…so go check it out!

Transformers Clip 1

Transformers Clip 2

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