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Oh, Stinky Beauty!

Nature is indeed full of amazing things!

Flowers have always been the symbol of beauty, admiration, innocence, and most of all, fragrance. Yet there exists some bizarre species of flora that’s, how should I put it, really breathtaking – take it literally.

Elephant foot yam (pungapong)

I recall my sister’s story a few years ago when she was target-shooting some sabukot in a small adjacent forest near our relatives’ house in upper Calamba (that part of Calamba which is already at the foot of Mt. Makiling). Walking back to the house in the late afternoon, she came across a strange plant (or flower) which looks like an upright banana bud or puso ng saging, as she described it. She looked closely, and as she was about to touch it, my cousin who was with her told her not to, because that plant is going to STINK big time! He said the plant is called pungapong. My sister was so fascinated by this big, stemless flower, and as she looked ahead she saw that the path was lined with more of these pungapongs! Continue reading ‘Oh, Stinky Beauty!’