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Countdown to LOST!

The long wait is finally *almost* over! Previously set to be aired from February to May 2009 with sixteen episodes, thanks to last year’s writers strike, our favorite primetime TV series will start its fifth season today, and will have seventeen episodes all in all.

I admit I’ve waited an eternity for this. Hopefully in this season, questions which had been raised since season one would finally be answered. Questions like:

richardalpertWhy does Richard Alpert never grow old?

Why do pregnant women die on the island?

Is Locke right when he told Jack it’s their destiny to go to the island?

Who faked the finding of Oceanic 815 at the bottom of the ocean?

Was Charlotte really born on the island?

Where did the island go?

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Connections: Fate Or Coincidence?

I’m not really a hardcore Lostie (n. fan of the TV series “Lost), but I admit I watched all the episodes of the show, from season one to four, as well as some bloopers, deleted scenes, podcasts, and fan trailers. And there are only a few Losties here in my side of the world, because most people say the story’s plot is too complex or complicated, that they often get “lost” in the story. I for one am glad I DID watch the show because of the valuable lessons it gave, as well as the action, the drama, the comedy,..and most of all, the mystery.

But the greatest mystery in the story of Lost is the main reason or cause why everything that happened, happened. Somebody once told me that people meet for a reason, and that reason is sometimes a mystery that can only be solved in death (whoah). There’s no such thing as coincidence, because I only believe in divine intervention and predestination. At least for us humans, every event has a purpose.
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